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Louise Aroma Essential Oil  is intense, aromatic blends of pure plant and essential oils restore your natural moisture balance providing radiant, 
glowing and healthy skin and body treatment . Scented with our precious blends of pure essential oils 
there is no need to wear perfume as you’re enveloped in the most indulgent aromas all day. 
These professional grade body oils are used in some of the most exclusive 
and luxurious spa resorts around the world and are consistently awarded 
and recognised as the leading body oil effective formula. 
Our luxurious, rich aromatherapy body oils can be used for the bath, 
for massages or to apply to the body to leave the skin luminous , smooth , slimming and healthy . 
We blend the highest quality oils of grape seed, sweet almond and jojoba . 

Louise Aroma Essential Oil



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